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I was recently given a gift certificate for a custom made dress shirt from men’s clothier J. Hilburn from a dear friend of mine. When I contacted their representative in my area, Renee Ferrara, we set up an appointment for her to come and take my measurements at my place of business. I was excited to have something custom made for me, because I have fit issues with most dress shirts. If they fit me in the neck they’re too big through the torso and too short on the sleeves. If the sleeve length is good, the collar is off, etc., etc., etc. That is why I have so few dress shirts, and what is more, the few I have are high end from a department store and fit pretty well, but not perfectly, so I rarely wear them. Once the measuring was done, I chose my fabric, collar and cuff style, and contrasting stitching for the button holes and topstitching on the shirt itself. Fast forward to 10 days or so later, and Renee, gift box in hand, shows up with my shirt! I loved it immediately, and marveled at how well it fit me! I could have worn it with the jeans I had on, if I was that kind of guy. But I saved it to wear the following night with a Thierry Mugler Paris leather blazer and vintage floral tie. Since I had chosen a soft pink cotton, with blue pinstripe, I had the contrast stitch done in a teal color thread, but my favorite was the rounded collar and cuffs which made it feel special, and almost vintage. I got a lot of compliments on it, and couldn’t wait to tell people about the affordable luxury of having your own custom clothing made by this impressive company. I asked Renee a few questions I had about the company and what they do.......




Tell me about the J. Hilburn concept.

J.Hilburn is the world’s fastest-growing luxury men’s brand. Our clothes are made from the finest Italian fabric and hand constructed for every customer. With a network of more than 3,000 skilled Personal Stylists across the U.S. helping every client find his personal style, the J.Hilburn experience is unlike any other. Each Stylist provides the best possible service, customized fit and personal attention. As we provide an exceptional experience, J.Hilburn is disrupting the entire retail industry by compressing its supply chain, delivering high quality custom fit clothing at mass scale and wrapping it with service and personal attention that no other retailer can provide.


J. Hilburn


How long has the company been in business?

Founded in 2007, J. Hilburn is the largest custom clothing company in the world. Product categories include: custom shirts, personalized suits and sportcoats, made-to-measure trousers, sweaters, polo shirts, outerwear and accessories. Our luxurious fabrics are sourced from internationally renowned mills such as Cotonificio Albini, Tessitura Monti, Thomas Mason, Guabello, Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis. J.Hilburn is a privately held company. 

J. Hilburn

Where did this idea come from?

Hil Davis and Veeral Rathod were working on Wall Street when they first bought custom shirts. While they loved the fit, feel and style of custom shirts, they didn’t understand why they were so expensive. They studied the men’s market and discovered that the supply chain was inherently inefficient and that consumers were being stuck with the bill. Hil and Veeral saw an opportunity to build a new type of company for men and the vision for J.Hilburn was born. Drawing inspiration from direct sales, they found a way to bring luxury clothing to men at historically low prices and create a clothing brand that was about the individual and accessible to anyone.

J. Hilburn

Why did you get involved with the company?  What attracted you to represent them?

I had worked in the women’s fashion arena in sales and management for years. I found it to be very competitive as there are so many options for women to shop in a direct sales capacity. Besides the fabulous product, the thing that most appealed to me when approached by J Hilburn, was the fact that there was no other menswear company operating with this business model. I loved the idea that I could build my own team and business.

J. Hilburn

Are there representatives in every major metropolitan area in the U.S.A.?

Yes, we currently have representatives in 48 out of the 50 states. I am looking for representatives all over the country to join my team.

J. Hilburn

I know that men are purported to be difficult shoppers, do you find this the case with the men you work with as clients?  What are their likes and dislikes in your own experience?

There is no shortage of reasons why men hate shopping: crowds, pushy salespeople and overwhelming selection are just a few. Actually, men are quite easy to work with because they value my opinion and appreciate the customer service that I provide. They absolutely love the look and feel of the product. Most men prefer that I pick out there wardrobe and design their shirts and suits. We have a 93% reorder rate, which is the highest rate in the industry.

J. Hilburn

What other items besides dress shirts does J Hilburn sell?  Are they all tailor made for the individual?

No, besides our shirts, suits, trousers and custom belts, we also offer a full line of RTW, which is not made to measure such as knits, outerwear, pants, and accessories. We have partnered with a few brands that may ring a bell with you, such as,  J Brand, AG, Loro Piana and Cole Haan.

J. Hilburn

J. Hilburn

How can people contact you or a J Hilburn representative in their area?

I can be reached by phone, e-mail, or through my website:

Phone 414-313-3525



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