What's Wantable(.co) this spring?

Last October I started a journey with e-commerce retailer Wantable.co as their accessories curator.  As a fashion stylist for many years, I was thrilled with the opportunity to share and explain ideas about fashion jewelry to their customers.  The site has the distinction of providing experts in the field of cosmetics as well as accessories.  This flexibility allows women to purchase a one time hand selected package or subscribe monthly to our stylish offerings in either realm of beauty products or jewelry.  Working closely with a buyer, I suggest ideas for what will be on the front lines of fashion and she translates that into the items we send to our customers.  Almost every woman who has a sense of style understands that one accessory can actually make any outfit into fashion!  For Spring 2013, there are numerous trends that will take you from drab to fab in a flash.  That’s why we’ve selected items for our jewelry collections that will have you looking and feeling pulled together no matter what ensemble you’re wearing! 


Colored gemstones in soft pastel tones are being seen on runways, magazines and sidewalks alike.  These gems that have a more sculptural and geometric effect, take center stage when paired with a soft brass or dull metal setting. Fabricated as pendant necklaces, or boldly faceted rings and bracelets, you can’t go wrong when you’re adding that bit of personal style to your everyday fashion statement. Any beautifully hued stone will do, but pay close attention to mint green, teal, coral, and pink to stay on trend.  I know we did!


Wearable art, wherein designers have taken seemingly unrelated elements and forged them into unique statement pieces have been on the up tick when it comes to the latest in fashion accessories.  Mixed metals, and unusual fabrication equals high style. Hand wrought is the key element here, so metals have a softer quality overall. You’ll see pieces that combine yin and yang, like a hand forged looking bracelet that is combined with sparkling crystals to catch the light of day for instant glamour.



Minimalist chic is all the rage as well, with sleek up-to-the-minute pieces that reflect the simplicity of modern art and design.  Barely-there flowing metallic bracelets and earrings mingle well with the continuing trend in fashion toward effortless silhouettes.  Uncomplicated tooled metal rings as well as slim cut bangles stack on the style with embedded crystal details in straightforward settings.  No frills here, just sinuous style.


Punk princesses and soccer moms alike will love to add some heavy metal to toughen up their accessory wardrobe for spring.  Look for chains, studs, and leather to make their way out of rock venues, and into the country club or office!  Multiple strands of assorted color metals make it easy to get a statement look quickly.  Whether dangling from earrings or wrapped around your wrist, fashion always loves a twist on the rock and roll aesthetic and so do we.



Another take on the metallic trend is the lacy or filigree effect.  Large statement cuffs take on an unquestionably delicate feeling, as feminine patterned designs are die cut into the metal, to both lighten the mood and create drama at the same time.  Sometimes one bold piece is enough to put you on the fashion map and that is where you’ll be with our accessories!


Heading southwest is the destination for all true fashion mavens this spring.  Bold colors in classic patterns take us into the land of the setting sun in high fashion cuffs, and other items.  Don’t fail to remember to get a reservation as well of the Native American variety, as beads, feathers, and leather also mark their territory on the fashion landscape of Wantable.co in the months to come.


Cocktail rings of all shapes and sizes look fresh again with sleek and geometric silhouettes as well.  Oversize style doesn’t just mean enormous rings.  Subtler rounded dome like designs, and faceted gemstones that wrap or stack up in graceful fabrications have a sophisticated vibe. 



At Wantable.co, we know what women want, and that is quality hand picked items that fit your life, as well as your personal style.  That’s a beautiful thing indeed.  Click on any of the pictures for more information, and how to get Wantable spring style delivered right to your door!




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