The Art Of Fashion by Timothy Westbrook


Timothy Westbrook addresses the audience.


Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel Artist in Residence program has been a success to say the least during its existence.  But the most recent A.I.R., textile designer and fiber artist Timothy Westbrook brought something more to the proverbial table in the lobby of the inn, emotional power. By making his own textiles, and re-purposing pieces of fabric to create whimsical fairy tale couture from items like the hotel's umbrellas, he literally imbues his love and passion into each well crafted garment. You could almost feel his affection for the garments radiating to the audience as they paraded down the center runway of the venerable downtown hotel's Imperial Ballroom on a balmy, for January in Wisconsin, Gallery Night. The evening was a swan song of sorts for this talented young man, who will be leaving us all too soon to pursue his passion of creating wonder and visual curiosity at another venue's Artist in Residence program. I commented to some folks after viewing the well produced show that I thought he was a Pied Piper, in that he and his fashion show producer Alexis Rose, were able to bring feeling as well as a sense of shared conscience to the bits of fabric he breathes new and imaginative life into. He will be sorely missed by all estimations, after witnessing the great crowd that filled the baroque environs for the show. His legacy for our city will be a stronger sense of creative community, and for that I for one will be eternally grateful. Thank you Timothy.











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