Fuzzy....is it an upDO or an upDON'T?



While attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC, I get to see a lot of different ideas for not only clohting, but hair and make up looks as well.  The last few seasons hair has become more textured, undone, and quite frankly a little fuzzy.  These updo's were featured in an Asian Fashion Presentation.  The models were dressed in looks where the main focus was the way the fur was used in the clothing.  I think that the hair really works well with what they have on, but would maybe confuse people if they weren't wearing the fur pieces.  Overall though I like the idea that the models look a little windblown.  It is a soft and romantic look that could be right out of "Anna Karenina" or some Merchant and Ivory film.  These artfully done frizzy looks aren't easy for the uninitiated to do at home, but if you're lucky enough to have that kind of hair already, you now have permission to put away your straightening balm and flat iron!


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