The case for Instagram...



Cute guy at the Marshall Building - Portrait Society Party


You just gotta love Gallery Night in Milwaukee when the weather is as beautiful as it was last evening. Breezy off the lake, after some rain showers later in the day...I am a novice Instagram user, but already I am hooked. The applications ability to make even a mundane camera phone photograph come to life in an artistic way is just genius! Call it the "fast food" version of the more hoity toity "photoshop" program, but all in all it does promote creativity and the arts. The argument against it, is that it makes anyone think that they can become a great photographer. Personally, I don't think any of these folks who feel good about the pictures they take with this app are going to take the place of professional photographers. I do think that allowing people to see the potential in the everyday things they do is extraordinary indeed.


My niece Amber in front of Lela Boutique in the Third Ward


These three photo's are from Gallery Night in Milwaukee's Third Ward, where Fashion Farmboy had a pop-up store at Lela Boutique. My 18 year old great-niece Amber spent some time with me, and we had a nice time together.


Carrie Arrouet owner of Lela Boutique, and fashion designer Miranda Levy at the store


I chatted up people about the store and my website, and generally told people that finding the joy in what you wear is what great style is all about, not price, designer, or trend. Words to live by in my book.

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